Gap Assessments

5M Solutions is a leading provider of GAP assessments for small to large manufacturing corporations, service organizations, financial organizations and certification bodies in North America.

Every organization has goals and achievements that they want to see met, but often lack the time or ability to effectively make a plan for how to reach those goals and achievements. A gap assessment is an evaluation process that assists organizations in determining how they can get from their current state to the future state that they desire. Gap assessments can be performed on an entire organization or it can be performed on a key department or division.

5M Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to our gap assessment services, leaving no stone unturned. Our process involves performing a thorough analysis of your organization’s current situation, which includes determining current performance levels and competencies. Once the current state is realized through analysis, the gap assessment compares the findings against where your organization would like to be. The final assessment then determines what changes need to be implemented in order for your business to move from point A to point B.

There are several key advantages to having a gap assessment completed, including:

• Determining an organization’s full performance potential.

• Determining reasons behind why an organization is not performing to its potential.

• Helping to identify where company resources should be allocated.

The experts at 5M Solutions have over 100 years of combined experience in business management solutions, which results in the ability to perform objective gap assessments for small to medium businesses in a wide variety of industries. By choosing 5M Solutions for your organization’s gap assessment, you’re choosing a provider that focuses entirely on small to medium businesses. We understand the challenges that the businesses of today are facing and our purpose is to provide your organization with imperative information that carves a path for future success.

Contact 5M Solutions for more information on how a gap assessment can help your organization meet its future goals and potential.