Internal Audits

When it’s time for your company’s internal audits to take place, the process takes precious time away from management and staff. Not only are internal audits time intensive, but they can also cause stress within the organization, which interrupts the normal flow of business and hinders productivity levels. As an internal audit provider in North America, 5M Solutions can alleviate stress and give your organization back the time it needs by conducting your internal audits efficiently and effectively.

5M Solutions provides a full range of internal audit and assessment services that meet international standards, including:

• ISO 9001 (Quality)

• TS 16949 (Automotive)

• AS 9100 (Aerospace)

The 5M Solutions Advantage

5M Solutions provides objective and unbiased internal audits. By selecting us as your internal audit provider, your organization will receive:

• Added value from findings that can help your organization make improvements.

• Cost savings – the value of our auditing services, combined with information you receive can assist your organization with cost cutting strategies and future financial decisions.

• Strategies to help improve operations.

• Imperative information pertaining to risk management.

• Data and findings which will help your organization adhere to quality standards and regulatory compliance.

• Identification of known and unknown internal risks.

• Strategies that will assist your organization in meeting future goals.

When you choose 5M Solutions, you’re freeing up valuable resources within your company, while also improving your organization’s procedures. 5M Solutions not only conducts internal audits, but we’re also the support system you need if it’s determined that improvements are required. Our innovative solutions include management assessments, management training, leadership training, workforce training, business improvement tools and corrective action strategies that focus on moving your company forward.

5M Solutions utilizes industry experts when performing internal audits so you can be assured that the information that your organization receives is backed by extensive experience and knowledge in your specified industry. Contact us today for more information on how our internal auditing process can add value to your organization for years to come.