Risk Assessments

5M Solutions provides comprehensive risk assessment services to companies throughout North America. Our risk assessments are custom tailored and suited to your company’s needs. Backed by over 20 years of providing companies with state of the art assessment services, you can depend on 5M Solutions to find and analyze critical information that can assist your organization in making key decisions.

Every company is faced with both internal and external risks, but in today’s business environment, it can often be challenging, if not impossible to be able to identify the risks that exist and the level at which they exist at. Even when companies attempt to perform risk assessments using their own internal resources, findings are not always objective and the process takes away valuable time and energy from other business operations.

The 5M Risk Assessment Advantage

At 5M, we not only identify risks, we also provide companies with solutions for those risks, and also the support for the successful implementation of the changes needed to improve business performance. By offering complete end-to-end risk assessment and management solutions, you save time and money by working with one organization who can address all of your company’s needs from start to finish. In addition, we are able to provide unbiased and objective assessments that get to the root of the risks that your organization faces.

Another challenge that companies face when wanting to assess risk is that they don’t often know what tools are best suited to help them perform assessments. With a large variety of “lean” and other assessment based tools available, 5M’s dedicated experience and knowledge will help your organization choose the ones that will help find the information that you need in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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