Facts About TS 16949

When your business manufactures automotive products, you know how important it is for those products to be of superior quality. Customer satisfaction depends on the parts or products performing as intended for the period of time that they’re meant to last. But how does an automotive business ensure that they’re producing a quality product that results in a high level of customer satisfaction?

It all starts at the top – from the initial product design and development all the way through the production, installation and servicing of the product. To ensure that these quality objectives are met through every stage of planning, production, installation and servicing, it’s essential to have a solid quality management system in place, such as the TS 16949. To get a better understanding of the importance of quality management systems in the automotive industry, let’s review a few of the most pertinent facts about TS 16949.

What is the TS 16949?

The TS 16949 is an international standard that sets forth the requirements for implementing and maintaining a quality management system for the design, development and production of automobile products. The TS 16949 also covers the quality management system requirements for the installation and servicing of automobile parts when applicable. If this sounds similar to ISO 9001, you’re on the right track as the TS 16949 is based off of the process oriented approach of ISO 9001 and is often referred to as the ISO/TS 16949.

More Important Facts about TS 16949

- Developed by the IATF (International Automotive Taskforce.)

- Aligns U.S., German, French and Italian automotive industry quality systems standards.

- Focuses on the supply chain to prevent product defect, waste and variation.

- Certification is required of Tier 1 automotive suppliers.

- The IATF recently released the 4th edition of the TS 16949.

5 Key Benefits of TS 16949

A quality management system’s intention is clear – to improve the quality of products or services received by your customers. In order to provide the best level of service and superior products to your customers, procedures need to be clearly outlined through the entire planning, designing and development process. The 5 key benefits of the TS 16949 are:

1. All of your employees from management down to production workers and those in-between know the proper procedures and guidelines to follow. With clear direction in place, everyone within your organization will better understand what their role is and what’s expected of them.

2. When your organization has quality on its mind from start to finish, the results are a better product, product consistency and fewer defects.

3. A heightened confidence from customers and companies you do business with. When others know that you’ve taken the time of putting a reputable and respected quality management system in place, they know that you’re dedicated to providing superior products and services.

4. It implements the mindset for continuous improvement by helping your company align necessary training.

5. It can help your company save time and money by saving time and reducing waste.

Taking the First Steps to TS 16949 Certification

The steps in becoming TS 16949 certified are similar to the steps needed to become ISO 9001 certified. The process begins with having an internal audit performed which assesses criteria that companies need to meet or exceed as defined by the IATF/TS 16949. When areas that are not meeting or exceeding criteria are found, corrective action measures are developed and put into place. One of the biggest challenges that companies face when prepping to become TS 16949 certified is finding the time and the resources to adequately complete the internal audit.

How 5M Solutions Can Help Your Automotive Company with TS 16949 Certification

At 5M Solutions, we are dedicated to being your automotive company’s internal audit partner; helping your organization prepare for TS 16949 certification through an in-depth assessment process and the implementation of business improvement solutions. Performing unbiased and objective assessments is only part of the process – we follow up our findings with top of the line training, business improvement strategies and corrective actions based on proven methods and 25 years of industry experience.

For more facts on TS 16949 and how the certification process will add unsurpassed value to your organization, contact us today.