Introduction to ISO 9001 revision 9015 – Webinar – May 11th 1pm-3:30pm

Introduction to ISO 9001 revision 2015:  Cost $129.00 if you sign up before April 28th , normal price $149.00 .

Register by calling: 513-456-7968(SWOT)

The International Standard ISO 9001 has been revised and has been released this fall of 2015.  This latest revision brings about the most dramatic changes since the change from an elemental approach to a process approach in the 2000 version.  ISO 9001:2015 brings increased relevance of the management system in meeting increasing demands from the marketplace for proof of sustainability in supplier organizations.  All organizations with a certified management system will be impacted by the changes in requirements.  When implemented your management system will have a consistent foundation for the next ten year.  Organizations implementing multiple management systems (e.g., quality, environmental, information security, etc.) can achieve better integration and easier implementation.

This webinar is designed to…

1.  Present an overview of the significant changes in requirements.

2.  Provide an introduction to risk-based thinking that serves as the basis for ISO 9001:2015.

3.  Present the changes necessary to the documentation contained in your management system.

4.  Present the ISO 9001:2015 timeline for adherence to the requirements.

The webinar will help you learn of the key changes, understand the key concepts, develop a plan to implement the new requirements and to take full advantage of the new requirements for your management system.  Please note that this webinar uses the language from the final draft of the International Standard so slight differences may emerge in language as the release version is readied. Each participant will receive a training manual that will follow the power point presentation to provide for efficient note-taking.  This webinar will be limited to 25 participants to allow for individual questions and concerns.