Acquisition Support

5M Solutions has over 20 years of experience in acquisition support and we have an extensive network of professionals who are ready to assist your company. Acquisitions are often challenging for a variety of reasons, therefore it’s essential that you have a team on your side that can be there for your company throughout the process.

A successful acquisition requires extensive time, the ability to navigate through numerous regulations, contract negotiations and working through complex financial matters. Even if a company is only beginning to consider an acquisition, investing the time needed into the research and beyond takes resources away from normal day to day operations. By working with 5M Solutions and receiving support from us, you can continue to focus on imperative business operations, while also receiving critical data and services that’ll help your company meet its acquisition goals.

5M Solution’s acquisition support services provide companies with a full range of options, including:

• Strategic planning in order to detail the acquisition process, including the target completion date.

• Selection of targets for acquisitions based on specific criteria, including financial and performance valuation and validation.

• Assisting in the development of and implementation of post-acquisition planning, including earn out verification activities.

Our team can custom tailor our acquisition support services to meet the needs of your organization. At 5M Solutions, our professionals work closely with our clients to assist them in meeting their objectives. In addition, 5M Solutions provides companies with proven strategies and methods of performing assessments, conducting business improvement and providing training to assist organizations with a smooth acquisition process.

5M Solutions believes in providing our clients with unsurpassed focus and attention. For more information on our acquisition support services, contact us today.