Company Turnaround

5M Solutions provides company turnaround services that will help get your business back on track for success. Recent economic conditions and changes in the market have left many corporations struggling to make ends meet financially. In addition, once companies become financially stressed, it’s common for other areas of the business to start to falter as well. While it’s impossible to change the past, 5M Solutions has the expertise, professionals and dedication to assist your company in getting back on track. Our comprehensive company turnaround services include legal counsel, accounting advice, tax advice, financial and investment planning, along with assisting organizations with:

Business Debt Reduction

One way to improve a company’s financials is through debt reduction. 5M Solutions can assist you by working with your creditors and vendors to find ways to reduce the debt the company owes.

Asset Liquidation

5M Solutions will work with you to determine if asset liquidation is the right choice for assisting your business in getting back on financial track. Asset liquidation is also commonly used in scenarios where the company is going through bankruptcy proceedings as the funds from assets sold are used to pay back creditors. It’s important to have professional assistance on your side when going through asset liquidation in order to ensure that assets sold receive top dollar.

Finding Ways to Increase Cash Flow

Oftentimes, companies that are in financial trouble do not have the time to adequately find ways to increase cash flow. 5M Solutions can address your cash flow needs, including assessing your accounts payable and developing strategies that will help your company collect money owed.

Assistance with Avoiding Bankruptcy

Companies that are going through financial hardships and who want to avoid bankruptcy benefit from receiving company turnaround services sooner rather than later. 5M Solutions can assess your business’s current situation and develop strategies to help assist the company in avoiding bankruptcy.

The 5M Company Turnaround Advantage

5M Solutions also offers a comprehensive selection of services that can be utilized to assist with company turnarounds, including management assessments, management training, leadership training, workforce training, supplier audits, internal audits, corrective action management, productivity improvement and system improvements.

A qualified professional from outside the organization can bring a fresh objective view to spot problems that may not be visible to company insiders. Turnaround professionals have no political agenda or other obligations to bias the decision-making process, allowing them to take the necessary steps required for a company’s survival.

We pride ourselves on not only being able to analyze a client’s business and offer solutions, but, if desired by the client, actually coming on board in an interim management capacity and executing the suggested solutions. Not only is this appreciated by clients who are short-handed, or, lack the experience required for a turnaround, it is generally also a morale-booster for company personnel.

5M Solutions provide company turnaround services throughout North America. We employ a dedicated group of professionals who have the experience needed to effectively assist your company with its turnaround needs. Contact us today for more information.