Re-Organization & Succession Planning

Change within an organization can cause unintended consequences. This is especially true when a business is going through a reorganization or succession as a change in ownership, shareholders or leadership is one of the biggest challenges that an organization can face. 5M Solutions provides reorganization and succession planning services for small to large manufacturing corporations, service organizations, financial organizations and certificate bodies in North America. Our number one goal is to help your organization implement planning that will help see you through a successful reorganization or succession.

Reorganization Planning

Whether a corporation is going through reorganization due to ownership changes, structural changes or reorganization due to financial hardships, 5M Solutions can help. Reorganization may be sought after or needed for a variety of reasons, including:

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Ownership transfer

• Identity/name change

• Transfer of assets

• Financial revival after bankruptcy

Reorganization can pose many challenges as it often creates a time of uncertainty for an organization’s finances, management and employees. Utilizing effective reorganization planning services can assist corporations with making a successful transition for whichever type of reorganization is occurring.

Business Succession Planning

Motivating factors behind succession vary from company to company, but common reasons include handing the business down from one family member to another, the business owner retiring or the business owner opting to sell. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recommends that when ownership is changing hands, it’s imperative to have a business succession plan in place.

Planning is key for achieving a smooth business succession. Without proper planning in place, essential aspects of the transition can be missed, resulting in disorganization, financial losses, worry and reduced productivity.

5M Solutions – Your Partner for Successful Reorganizations and Successions

5M Solutions, LLC has over 20 years of development, leadership and acquisition experience. Combined with a team of business management experts with over 100 years of experience between them, when you choose 5M Solutions for your company’s reorganization or succession, you have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals on your side. Just a handful of the benefits that your organization will receive when working with 5M Solutions include:

• Unsurpassed customer focus and our belief in building long term relationships with our clients.

• Industry experts in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, certification auditing, regulatory and business improvement fields.

• The use of disciplined approaches, including “lean,” 5S, Six Sigma, SMED and Value Stream Mapping.

• Highly skilled and thorough internal auditing process, including in-depth analysis and assessments.

When you choose 5M Solutions, you’re choosing a company that’s built on integrity, experience, customer service and dedication. For more information about reorganization or business succession planning, contact 5M Solutions.