Business Improvement

5M Solutions specializes in assisting companies in North America realize their true potential. With over 20 years of experience in the business improvement industry, we have developed proven strategies and methods for assessing business processes, business management systems and operational procedures.

One of the most efficient methods in determining areas in which a business can improve is through custom tailored assessments. The professionals at 5M Solutions understand that every business is different and therefore, our assessments are custom designed based on the needs of the company that we are working with. Our business improvement services help identify:

• Critical data that can help your business make informed key decisions.

• Whether or not current processes are yielding the desired results.

• Financial deficiencies within the organization.

• Areas within the company that aren’t meeting industry standards.

At 5M Solutions, we specialize in using “lean” business improvement tools which includes, but is not limited to, Visual Management, 5S, PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), Root Cause Analysis and Value Stream Mapping. There are literally hundreds of lean based tools that can assist companies with business improvement, but it can be overwhelming deciding which ones are appropriate for your organization. By choosing 5M Solutions, we accurately determine which lean based business improvement tools will provide the most value to your organization. By leaving the decision making to us, your organization will save time, money and precious resources.

Once business improvement assessments have been completed, the next key step is implementing the changes that have been determined to be beneficial. When your company partners with 5M Solutions, we provide a complete end to end solution. Not only do we help your organization identify areas that are not producing the desired results, but we also support the smooth and successful implementation of the required changes.

5M Solutions looks forward to assisting your business with identifying and implementing changes that will help your business achieve its goals for years to come. For more information on business improvement services, contact us today.