Training and Education

Workforce training and continuing education is essential to ensuring that employees maintain the skills that they need in order to efficiently and accurately perform their job responsibilities. While most corporate managers fully support the value in employee training, the amount of time that it takes and the funding required for it often results in the underutilization of training opportunities. At 5M Solutions, we fully understand the challenges that companies face regarding employee training and we’re here to help your organization’s employees receive the training that they need, while also showing you ways to reduce the costs.

The Value of Employee Training and Education

When considering employee training and education, it’s essential to look at the return on your company’s investment (ROI). When the right type of training is selected, it can assist your business with time efficiency, productivity improvement, an improvement of business processes, creating effective leadership and an improvement of internal communications. In addition, training can also provide companies with critical information that can improve workplace safety and increase the quality of the products or services being sold.

To make sure that your company receives a high ROI from workforce training, 5M Solutions has developed proven assessments that determine where training within organizations is needed. Our assessments and our training solutions are also completely customized to your business’s industry, making sure that your employees receive training that will have a direct effect on the bottom line.

Assistance with the Cost of Employee Training

There are training dollars available from the government and through other resources in order to help companies cover the cost of workforce training. However, even if a company is aware that they may qualify for training funding, it’s difficult for most organizations to find the time and the resources to research, find and apply for funding that’ll suit their training needs. 5M Solutions has the expertise and experience needed to help your organization secure dollars to cover training costs. Don’t waste your valuable time and resources trying to secure the training funding that you need – leave that work to us so that you can continue to focus on day to day business operations.

5M Solutions provides training and education for small to medium sized businesses in North America. With over 20 years in the industry, you can count on us to provide your organization with state of the art training that’ll help your employees maintain the skills that they need to help keep your business moving forward. For more information on our training and education services, contact us today.